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Red Wallpaper

Whatever the room, a warm and passionate colour such as red can be used as your colour scheme. Why not opt for a style statement wallcovering for dramatic impact or as a highlighting accompaniment to coordinate with your existing carpets, curtains or furniture... 

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Showing 1 to 24 of 59 (3 Pages)

Often a popular choice for dining spaces, red wallpapers are said to increase the appetite, impress and satisfy our peers. If this is true, perhaps that’s the reason red wallpaper and furnishings are used in kitchens, diners and fast food restaurants. As with all colour families you cannot concentrate all shades under one heading and with reds this is particularly true. Bright candy and pillar box give intensity; brick, scarlet and ruby provide a subdued impression; and garnet, wine and mahogany are enriching naturals and earthy warm tones.

You can use red to create a rich vibrancy and a sense of luxury within your home, choosing large damasks and oversized emblem motifs can help to recreate this theme. Use one of the aforementioned pattern types with a solid red background to maximise impact and complete a majestic decor theme. Examples of these styles can be seen with our Aurora Emblem and Coral Damask wall-coverings.

Looking to use red in another space such as a living room? Choices for this space are endless; popular choices include leaf and floral trails in shades of red over soft white and cream backgrounds. Look towards our Brooklyn Collections for inspiration.

Not a fan of florals? We also have a variety of abstract and geometric designs that will fulfil your red requirements, creating a comfortable yet cosy space with a functional brightness is a repeated home decor request that we aim to offer with our wallpaper selection. Red tones are often associated with strong and raised emotions, the use of such colours in sleeping areas and bedrooms is a little rarer but not unknown.


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Wallpaper is my passion and quite possibly it's in my blood! Having grown up in the industry I've been buying and selling this fantastic product for the last twenty years. I want to encourage those who share my “passion” and persuade others to add pattern and texture to their walls. Wallpaper has become a trend item once again, introducing a new generation to the possibilities of this product. It's time to #DressYourWalls and customise your home to reflect your personality, let me help you turn your house into a home.