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Erismann Wallpaper Designs

Erismann have been producing high-quality wallpapers in an ever-increasing range of patterns and designs since 1838. With the range available here, you can see why they’re one of the world’s leading wallpaper producers.

The latest arrivals to our paste the wall wallpaper collections is Central Park, an urban organic inspired wall covering collection. City Glam, a modern multi textured wave pattern with added glitters. Simulated textures remain a popular choice such as wood paneling and stone which can be found in our Authentic collection.

Established in Rhein, France the Erismann & Cie company produced wallpapers by hand here between 1838 and 1858. In the beginning each wallpaper produced was unique, this is because each was hand painted. To scale up production skilled craftsmen produced wooden models of the design which would allow a hand printing system to be implemented. Moving to nee buildings and new printing machines over the next decade allowed Erismann to grow and take on new opportunities.

Modernising of the printing technology in the late 1800's allowed for up two eight colours to be included in now what has become a wall fashion industry. Moving forward to the post war era, the buildings had survived the second world war however in the turmoil of the first weeks after the war the factories were completely destroyed by fire.

Time to start the process once again and production moved to Germany, with this new location and new equipment printing soon moved to allow sixteen colours. Moving into the sixties and seventies and with the post war austerity slipping away new production techniques came along which allowed the creation of product types such as blown vinyl and textured. With ever-increasing demand Erismann expanded production facilities in 1993 and again in 2003, this time into Russia – just outside Moscow.

With more emphasis on the environment, in 2010 Erismann were the first German wallpaper manufacturer to remove Phthalates from wallcovering production. These plasticizers have been classed as semi-VOC which are suspected to be harmful to health. With well over 175 years of craftsmanship, you are can be assured of the quality from this historic European wall fashion house.


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Wallpaper is my passion and quite possibly it's in my blood! Having grown up in the industry I've been buying and selling this fantastic product for the last twenty years. I want to encourage those who share my “passion” and persuade others to add pattern and texture to their walls. Wallpaper has become a trend item once again, introducing a new generation to the possibilities of this product. It's time to #DressYourWalls and customise your home to reflect your personality, let me help you turn your house into a home.