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San Marino Italian Vinyl Wallpaper

San Marino wallpaper is one of Belgravia Decor’s latest collections. Introduced in 2017, San Marino is a richly textured fabric like Italian vinyl wallpaper Collection under the Eleganza label. This fantastic wallpaper range boasts glittering heavyweight plains and gentle hourglass patterns which will easily suit any home and can be used almost anywhere thanks to the high quality.

This heavily sculptured vinyl has a fabric like texture running vertically and on the patterned wallpapers rests a series of droplet shaped motifs and an hourglass trail. These beautifully designed elements use the same texture but on the horizontal, they are filled with an abstract mixture of shapes, and layered in various tones.
Each italian vinyl wallpaper has been embellished with a fine glitter which catches light and highlights the levels of texture. Like all Italian heavyweight wallpaper, San Marino wallpaper has longevity, this is due to its substantial quality and durability. 
What’s more, the San Marino collection is an extra easy product to work with that will give you a professional, seamless finish that anyone would be proud of.
Why choose San Marino by Belgravia Decor?
  • 40 years experience
  • Italian designed and manufactured
  • Luxurious, quality wallpaper
  • Other collections include Pearl, Platinum and Seriano
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Wallpaper is my passion and quite possibly it's in my blood! Having grown up in the industry I've been buying and selling this fantastic product for the last twenty years. I want to encourage those who share my “passion” and persuade others to add pattern and texture to their walls. Wallpaper has become a trend item once again, introducing a new generation to the possibilities of this product. It's time to #DressYourWalls and customise your home to reflect your personality, let me help you turn your house into a home.