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Belgravia Decor Italian Wallpaper

Since 1978 Belgravia Decor have been home to a series of elegant and regal wallpaper labels imported to the UK directly from the factories in Italy. Specialising in in-register heavyweight Italian vinyl's of the highest quality that make hanging a breeze and gives the most professional finish everytime. 

Classics such as Tiffany with their series of Pearl, Platinum and Lustre collections. X designs with Eleganza a rejuvenated label with collections such as San Marino and Caterina. Contemporary designs with Seriano collections Monte Verde, Pietra and Lace Rose.

With a more home grown range Belgravia also have the Moda label, these are textured vinyl's and simplex wallpapers for when budgets are a little lower. Belgravia have quickly become the leading UK supplier of high quality and durable wallcoverings that suit every pocket, from super luxury and classic vinyl to children's wallpapers.

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Showing 1 to 24 of 68 (3 Pages)

Home Flair Decor specialise in offering beautiful, designer wallcoverings that can dress your walls in pure style.

So it goes without saying that Belgravia Decor would be a popular choice of brand that we stock, as after all, it is one of the leading wallcovering suppliers in the UK! The company is renowned for its luxury, classic wallpapers and it offers a vast range of fashionable wallcoverings, including their signature Italian vinyls.

Choose from one of the exquisite Belgravia Decor collections and brand labels:

Tiffany Wallpaper Logo Tiffany Platinum Wallpaper Logo Tiffany Lustre Wallapper Seriano Wallcoverings Lofo Moda Wallcoverings Logo

How do I pick a collection?

The Caterina Collezioni is an in-register heavyweight Italian vinyl from the prestigious Eleganza label. It has been likened to a fabric tapestry in that it features lots of detail and sculptured designs. If you’re looking for something more contemporary such as glitter embellishments and bright, bold colours, tale a look at Belgravia Decor’s San Marino wallpaper is for you. 

The Seriano range combines the texture of heavyweight vinyl with modern designs to bring you breathtaking beauty with contemporary patterns and there are a number of collections to browse.

And last but not least is Tiffany. This range in particular is a must-have favourite of ours! It is an award-winning collection that picked up the HDRA Award for Product of the Year in 2005. It is one of the greatest success stories in the industry to date as its as popular now as ever!  Simply put, it is one of the leading heavyweight vinyl collections the UK has ever seen. 

Why Belgravia Decor?

Established in 1978, the luxury brand has built up a reputation in the industry for producing high quality, stylish wall coverings. Collections are designed near Milan and produced exclusively in Italy, the elegant patterns are created using state-of-the-art printing techniques ensuring they look perfect on any wall.

The brand has almost 40 years’ experience in designing and making exquisite wallcoverings and it is doing anything but slow down with the launch of new, luxurious additions every year. If there is any name on your lips when it comes to wallpapering your home, it should be Belgravia Decor. 

Got any questions about any of the Belgravia Decor products? Get in Touch today for our experts advice on 0161 729 1686.



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